What We Do

We add value from vision to implementation. We are an agile, mission-driven, and client-centered firm that fosters impact.

How we help organizations and communities achieve impact:


Our research is accessible and actionable, helping you better understand an issue and determine next steps. From cursory exploration to deep dive – we can help you ask the right questions, get the right information, and make sense of findings.


Our multi-stakeholder processes cultivate insights and partnerships that truly are greater than the sum of their parts. We help you determine who needs to be involved and how best to design and implement a process that will yield shared understanding, vision and action.


Our skillful facilitation supports productive thinking, understanding, and doing.  We create safe, engaging, and productive spaces that are conducive to insight and action.


From reports to presentations, we deliver clear and persuasive communications.  Clarifying the target audience and message, we can help you communicate effectively. 


We build understanding, skills, and capacity across a range of learning environments. We help you identify your target audience and learning goals, then deliver material appropriate for your context.


We work with clients to identify meaningful and metrics and use that information to support continuous improvement and communicate results. Our measures are informed by industry best practices, and tailored to your unique situation. 


Whether you need help with a narrow project or complex initiative, we have a talent for getting things done on time and within budget.


The Collaboratory, LLC is not affiliated with Treetop Commons or their Collaboratory product that provides community engagement and public service data to institutions, nor do we provide such a product.